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Neil Benjamin - Parks & Wildlife Group NSW

“Nick has a wonderful gift in being able to motivate, inspire and captivate an audience by presenting a truly remarkable life of adventure, challenges and  exploration from a perspective of being a just another ordinary Australian.  His ability to capture his audience and deliver his message is complemented by the openness of his story, as it relates to everyday life, but, is intermingled with wit, audience participation and interaction

Kate Alden - Price Waterhouse Coopers

"Nick Gleeson is one of the most interesting and stimulating presenters I have seen. He possesses extraordinary ability to involve the audience and his power of description, humour and wit, brought his experiences to life - he inspires us to remember our capacity to do great things for ourselves and others."

Gary Ross - Amalgamated Credit Managers

"Nick's wonderful motivational talents have not only helped expand my own business but also assisted industry colleagues. Whether it be Rotary clubs, youth groups or sporting events”

Kim Repcak - Sensory Education & Advocacy Services

“Nick Gleeson was amazing at being able to provide insight into what the key issues maybe for someone who has vision loss as well as the additional strategies to consider when someone is totally blind”
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