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The Many ways of seeing

Written with warmth, humour and honesty, The Many Ways of Seeing is Nick Gleeson’s story – an inspiring portrayal of a man exploring the world without sight.


Nick Gleeson has trekked great distances around the world, climbed Mount Everest, carried the Sydney Olympic torch, and completed an arduous 200km expedition across the Simpson Desert.


Blind since the age of seven, Nick lost his sight when an automatic supermarket door struck his head, causing a retinal detachment. As he grew up in the working-class suburb of Broadmeadows, Nick taught himself to ‘see’ without seeing: learning the shape of each shoe so he knew left from right. Holding the huge, rough hand of his father.  Smelling the well-worn vinyl of the family car.

Before he was twenty, he’d lost his mother to chronic illness and his brother Russell to a shooting accident. But when you come from the Broadmeadows of the 1960s, you can’t help knowing what it means to do it tough, and Nick’s modesty and ease with the world shines through on every page of The Many Ways of Seeing.


Many years later, when Nick meets co-author and leading Australian writing mentor, Peter Bishop, he has led an amazing life filled with more than its share of challenges, loves, losses, and laughter.

Nick describes himself as a very ordinary person who has managed to follow many of his dreams – among them raising two children with his wife Heather, who is also blind.

Image of the book cover, The Many Ways of Seeing by Nick Gleeson with Peter Bishop. On the cover is a black and white photograph of Nick holding a book.

Where to Purchase

The Many Ways of Seeing is available to purchase on Kindle:

The Many Ways of Seeing is available in some libraries and local bookstores. 

A signed copy by Nick and Unity's paw print is available upon request for $40.00, inclusive of postage. Australia-wide delivery only. Inscription can be provided if requested. Please submit a general enquiry via contact page. 

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