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Community Groups

For many years I have met and given presentations to local community organisations. This is my opportunity to share my lifetime experiences. More importantly, an opportunity for my audience to start, restart, reflect or discover what is important in their own lives.


I share my stories about being a Paralympic athlete, playing Blind Cricket, climbing extraordinary mountains, walking in deserts and living with total blindness, and the everyday trials and tribulations. I also share the funny stories that I have experienced along the way.


Cost: It will be a minimal cost. It is my opportunity to give back to the community. I will not charge a corporate rate.

Corporate organisations

I am available to give a keynote presentation to your company. I can work within a staff group or speak at a major corporate event.


I became totally blind at the age of 7. I competed at the Paralympics as a 100 and 400 metre track sprinter. I played blind cricket for 20 seasons. Raced in the empire State building stair climbing event. Have completed 3 New York Marathons. Climbed to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania and trekked to Base Camp Mount Everest. In 2017, I did a solo walk across the remote Salt Lake, Island Lagoon in South Australia.

All of my successes relied on the support and cohesion of a team at every stage of the journey. I share my stories to focus on the critical importance of working effectively in a partnership and as a team. More importantly, I discuss the process of breaking down and overcoming barriers in all aspects of my life and how businesses can do the same. 

Organisations I have presented to include AMP, Qantas and Pricewaterhouse Coopers. 

Cost: To be discussed on an individual basis.


Over the years I have given awareness presentations to school-aged children. It is an opportunity for either myself or my wife Heather, an experienced presenter, what it is like to be blind, and to explain how they can provide assistance to someone with a disability. Children will be encouraged to discuss their understanding of vision loss.

I provide an engaging talk through showing the children various adaptive technologies. They will see and experience braille, see how someone who is blind can use a computer, use a white cane and possibly meet a Guide Dog.


Cost:  Will be kept to a minimum.

vision loss awareness training

I have spent a lifetime assisting others to gain an understanding of vision loss and how they can provide practical assistance. The training will enhance your knowledge and provide you with the ability to communicate and interact effectively with a person with vision loss. 

The training will be a shared experience and will involve lots of lived experiences, promoting inclusion and mutual respect within the workplace. Staff and volunteers will build on existing knowledge and discover new ways to assist those who have experienced vision loss.


Organisations I have worked with include:  Qantas Airlines, St George Bank, Virgin Airlines, Woolworths, RailCorp, and many other community based organisations.

Cost: Dependent on training duration and scale.

independent advisory work

I work independently to provide advise and assistance to groups and organisations around a range of matters, including HR processes, team structure and workplace culture. I have had vast experience assisting various organizations’ as part of their interview panels, bringing my lived experience and disability to promote accessibility and inclusion. My experience includes assisting the NSW Government, Local Councils, NSW Ombudsman, Ability Links, private enterprises and non-profit organisations. 

I am also available for ambassador roles for the promotion and celebration of events, such as White Cane Day, International Guide Dog Day, and International Day of People with Disabilities.  

Cost: To be discussed on an individual basis. 


Personal mentoring is something I greatly enjoy. I have met with people, one on one, in a public setting, for example, a café and learnt about what they are endeavouring to achieve in their lives. I listen to their lifetime experiences and how they would like to move forward. I am willing to share my vast lifetime experiences with them.

I am available to meet in the Sydney metropolitan area and subject to the location, in the greater Sydney area. Zoom or phone sessions can also be arranged if preferred. 


Cost: $100.00 for a one hour session, plus $50.00 if I need to travel.

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