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A Pandemic Positive

Standing in my garden with Unity, my seeing eye dog, and Zep, my wife's dog. There is a garden bed with yellow, orange, blue and purple flowers next to us.
In the garden with Unity and Zep

Our garden has been the beneficiary of the pandemic. It is so wonderful to have so many new plants thriving in our garden. They are growing up anew, along side well established plants. A friend described the beautiful range of colours in this garden bed. I was so surprised to feel the “pom, pom” shape of their heads.

My wonderful son must take credit for the joy this brings to us, as he took on the role as human connector with nature.

I occasionally splash a bit of water around and reap the benefit of smelling and tasting the resulting success.

You may not have a garden, however, pot plants can be great friends and help with life.

I leave the garden a happier person.

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